The seedlings that are provided by our company are placed inside the production cabinet. Then, the plant growing process is selected by the user from the list in the OLFARM software and the growing process is started for the seedlings that are planted.
The nutrient solution specifically created for the plant species is pulverized to the plant roots at regular time intervals in the form 20 micron particles with the aeroponic soilless culture method. In this way, approximately 90% of water is saved.
Special LED lamps with blue, red and far-red wavelengths, which are created by mixing in different rates as specific to the plant species by OLFARM, illuminate the plants with the correct light intensity and regular periods.
With the OLFARM plant growing software, the humidity, temperature, CO2 and O2 amounts within the plant growing area are continuously controlled and regulated for 24 hours, optimum cultivation conditions for plant species is provided.
Plants that are fully controlled and isolated from the outside are grown in the best quality and healthiest without the use of pesticides and spraying agent.
Plants growing 2 times faster than normal are detected with OLFARM software and the user is informed that the harvest time has come.
You can follow the growth processes of the plants in detail, from the planting of the seedlings to the harvest time with the OLFARM Mobile Application.
The artificial intelligence-based system developed by OLFARM constantly analyzes the condition of the plants and makes the plant grow under optimum conditions by making instant agricultural interventions. Humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide-oxygen balance in the closed area are controlled with the ventilation and heating system. The amount of humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide and oxygen are continuously measured with the help of sensors inside the system, and the optimum conditions for plants are provided by the autonomous ventilation system controlled by artificial intelligence-based system.