OLFARM is a plant production facility consisting of multiple shelves in a container. OLFARM allows different species of plants to be grown at the same time with the possibility of using different wavelengths and light recipes on each shelf. OLFARM allows 1200 pieces lettuce or 80.000 pieces vegetable, ornamental and medicinal aromatic plants to be ready for harvest in an average of 20 days at the same time.

In terms of custemers who produce seedling, 80.000 pieces seed reach the seedling stage in an average of 10 days, 80.000 pieces scion reach the rooted-seedling stage in an average of one week at the same time in OLFARM.



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The artificial intelligence-based system developed by OLFARM constantly analyzes the condition of the plants and makes the plant grow under optimum conditions by making instant agricultural interventions. Humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide-oxygen balance in the closed area are controlled with the ventilation and heating system. The amount of humidity, temperature, carbon dioxide and oxygen are continuously measured with the help of sensors inside the system, and the optimum conditions for plants are provided by the autonomous ventilation system controlled by artificial intelligence-based system.